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Please read these Terms of Service ("Terms", "Terms of Service") carefully before using the website and the its services (the "Service") operated by Follower4Cheap ("us", "we", or "our").

You will be in acceptance of these Terms by using of the Services which conditioned here. These Terms are being applied for all visitors and users who access or use the Service.

By accessing to our Services you agree these Terms. If you disagree with any part or article of these terms, you souldn‘t use our Service(s).



a) This is the recent Terms of Service agreement (24.04.2016).

b) Do not buy anything on our website if you do not accept our Terms of Service

c) Any changes completely replace all former agreements.

d) An Instagram profile must be opened and publicly accessible before the Order and during its execution.

f) Mistakes of any kind on this website reserved.

g) We and our website have no affiliation in any way with the social networks



a) Our Service does not allow anyone to share, link, reference, store, redistribute our content. Any content such as graphics, videos, plain text or any other published material is generated only for this Website.



a) All of our services provided are social media and digital platform promotions. We agree to advertise specified social media account until you receive the exact amount that you ordered and paid successfully for.

a’) The delivery speed mentioned on our website is our targeted speed of delivery, actual speed of delivery may change in special circumstances

b) To use the Website and our services, you need to be at least 18 years old

c) Follower4Cheap will always and only be used for promotional reasons for your social network account and images

d) You will not upload anything into our service’s rotation that includes nudity, pornography, violence or any other hateful material that is not accepted by the specific social network.

e) We require your social accounts to be opened publicly and not set to private until the order is finished. Purchases for Instagram accounts that are not open, or that become private before the order is completed may be canceled by us.

f) To track the completion of your orders we use your visible followers and likes count.


Free Refill

a) We are the only provider worldwide, who offers free refills on any of your orders, in case of followers and likes loss.

b) If you buy followers or likes from any other vendor, you will not be entitled to get a free refill in any case.

c) Our system works on a system considering your start count and end count. We will ONLY offer you a refill if your account received less than what you should have received. For example, If you place an order of 500 followers/likes and at the exact time of order placement you have 200 followers/likes. After we finish the order delivery you should have 700 followers/likes. You are entitled to a completely free refill if your followers/likes count is less than 700 followers/likes.

d) In case you change your username, our system is unable to track you and offer you a free refill. To receive the free refill, you should change your username back to the initial one on which you placed the order.



a) All of our payments are processed by using the secure system of each payment processors, with no sensitive information being input or held through our website. To guarantee that secure method of accepting payments, it is processed using safe SSL encryption.

b) Upon purchasing our services you agree that you clearly understand what you are purchasing and will not file a fraudulent claim via PayPal, Creditcard provider, or Bank.

c) After successful payments, you will receive an invoice on the indicated email as soon as the payment is confirmed.


Social Network Promotion

a) Follower4Cheap is offering non-tangible and digital goods. You as our customer you are responsible for agreeing and understanding this before purchasing any item on our site.

b) However, in the case of exceptional circumstance concerning the difficulty of the product we supply, we are also flexible with refunds if we are not able to complete your order within the next 48 hours upon purchase.



a) We NEVER ask for any password or similar sensitive account data. It’s completely the responsibility of the client to keep their account safe.


Contact Information

a) Any Questions about the ToS can be sent to us at


Change of Terms

a) We keep the right to replace or change these ToS at any possible time. If a revision is currently made, we will try to provide at least 30 days notice before the new ToS.

b) Making any changes in ToS is solely our decision.


Privacy Policy

a) This policy covers how we offer our services and protect your personal information. We take the privacy of everyone seriously and will take all measures needed to protect individuals personal information.

b) Any personal information you provide will only be used to fill your order. We do not share or sell any of your information with anyone.